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Xamarin Forms - Multilingual

Xamarin Forms – Mastering Multilingual

Multilingual in a mobile application is essential to have a large audience around the world. For this, as many languages ​​as we manage in the application as many users as we have. We’ll see together how much easier to manage many languages in Xamrin Forms application. You can download the code on GitHub repository. Using […]

Xamarin Forms – ListView

In this new tutorial, we ‘ill explore together how to manipulate the component ListView.You can get the code source on GitHub. Data Binding First of all, let’s create a new Xamarin Forms Prism template application called ListView. You can find more detail in the previous post.After that, open the MainPage.xaml page and add new ListView […]

Xamarin Forms- Android Local Notification

Hello, every body in this new tutorial of Xamarin Forms. In this part, you will learn how to make a basic local notification. NotificationManager First of all, add a new button in MainPage.xaml.cs file and bind it to LocalNotificationCommand. In the MainPageVeiwModel.cs, create new command called LocalNotification and intialize in the constructor: After that, create […]

Angular Edit Modal

Angular 9 – Edit Modal NgBootstrap

In this part of tutorial, I’ll show you haw to make edit user in Popup / Modal. We will use NgBootsrap . Install NgBootstrap Here is a list of minimal required versions of Angular and Bootstrap CSS for ng-bootstrap: ng-bootstrap Angular Bootstrap CSS 1.x.x 5.0.2 4.0.0 2.x.x 6.0.0 4.0.0 3.x.x 6.1.0 4.0.0 4.x.x 7.0.0 4.0.0 5.x.x 8.0.0 4.3.1 6.x.x […]

Angular Users Grid

Angular 8 – Asp.net core – Users Grid with Edit and Delete actions

In this part of tutorial, I’ll show you haw to make users Grid with Edit and Delete actions. User Grid Let’s navigate to Bootstrap site web and search Table style. You can find it via this link. In the manage-users.component.html created in the last tutorial “Angular 8 – Using Guard” and past this html code. […]

Deploy Angular 8 App From Visual Studio Code to Azure

This article will demonstrate how to host Angular 8 application on Azure Cloud. You will need, in this tutorial Visual Studio Code and Free subscription on Microsoft Cloud Azure. Set up new App Service on Azure First of all, let’s create an new App Service called “DemoAngular8″. In your home page in azure portal, at […]