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Angular 8 Login Form

Angular 8 with ASP.Net Core Tutorial part 5 Login Form

In this part of Tutorial, we will learn how to make: Login Form. Email and Password Validations. Login action Web API You can find the code source on GitHub:– Web API: https://github.com/AlphaTechstudios/Forms.WebAPI/tree/angular_tuto_part_5– Angular: https://github.com/AlphaTechstudios/Forms/tree/Angular_tuto_part_5 Add Login Form Last time, we have already created the sign-in component. Let’s navigate to sign-in.component.html and add 2 fields for […]

Xamarin Forms – Android Bottom bar

In this part of tutorial, we will see how to make Navigation Bottom bar on Android using XAML . Creating project. Let’s create a new project called Bottom Bar. Under the views folder, create 2 new ContentPage item called FirstPage and SecondPage. In the MainPage.xaml, we need to change the page type from ContentPage to […]

Xamarin Forms Tutorial – Prism

In this series of tutorial, we ‘ll learn together cross-platform mobile application development thanks to Xamarin forms. We’ll use Forms WebAPI project created in Angular 8 tutorial series.You can download the source code from GitHub. Xamarin history: Lest’s take a look to the Xamarin history from Wikipedia: Xamarin is a Microsoft-owned San Francisco-based software company founded in […]

Angular 8 with ASP.Net Core Tutorial part 2 Web API

Creation Web API solution First of All, we need to create a new .NET Core application project witch called “Forms.WebAPI”. After that, we add the different concerns in this solution: In this videos, you will learn how to:  Create Asp.NET Core web API.  Entity Framework Code First.  Using Swagger framework. GitHub code  BLL (Solution Folder) […]

Angular 8 with ASP.Net Core Tutorial part 1 install angular 8

Now, we need to create a workspace and initialize a new application.Fist of all, let’s create a new workspace (“Forms”) and initial starter app by running this command: In this videos, you will learn how to: Install Nodejs for Windows. Install Visual Studio Code IDE    Install Angular 8 CLI. 1)  Install NodeJs for Windows : […]

Unity RPG Zombies Killer Part 1

In this video you will learn how to make RPG game:– Terrains– Player Animation (Idle, Running).– Joystick movement (Player movement and rotation) Player movement: In this part of unity tutorial, we will user this free package of Soldier from Unity assets store. Let’s add “PlayerMovement.cs” script attached to Soldier Prefab: In “Update” method, we used […]